Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been going to Dr. Brian since 2008. I work at an assisted living facility as a CNA and experience wear and tear on my muscles and back daily. Dr. Brian keeps my back more flexible and in good shape by my regular visits. Dr. Brian is very thorough at accessing my condition for the particular ache or pain I am experiencing, and tailors his treatment to fit the need I have. His hands are very gentle and his movements are calming and sure. I know if I have a bad day at work, or just the stress of living, a visit to Dr. Brian always helps my body feel better. The chair massage w/Ms. Pam is beyond wonderful! She is a caring and competent professional, and I can’t wait for my next visit to her chair! The staff at this facility are always friendly and eager to work with you on your schedule ad insurance needs. Sharon, Sherrie, and Angela go out of their way to make your appt. pleasant. An appt. at Wilson County Chiropractic is like the old fashioned care we all love from the past, Plus the professional up to date knowledge and expertise of today. I cannot imagine having to go to a different Dr. for my back."

- Rebecca Smith

"Very pleased with the results I have experienced so far. Dr. Wiersma and his staff have provided excellent service. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."

- Jenniffer Cox

"Very impressed. Great staff always feeling welcome. Clean facility. Definitely worth checking out."

- Melanie

"First time in the office…VERY VERY pleased!"

- Patti Smith

"A very professional experience! I went in due to problems with my neck and headaches. After just a little over a month, my headaches have diminished, I have dexterity back in my neck and upper back. Highly recommend."

- Kimberly Willimas

"Dr Brian is the best chiropractor I have been to. He is very detailed and cares about how you are feeling. Staff is so friendly as well. Not many chiropractors give you payment options but this one does."

- Tracy Gaines

"Dr. Brian and his staff are the best. I’ve been going to Wilson County Chiropractic Clinic for 7 years. I would never consider going any place else. Thank you Dr. Brian, Sharon,Sherry, and Pam for making me feel better. I have cronic neck problems from a auto wreck when I was 18 years old. I have seen many Chiropractors over the years. As far as I am concern Dr. Brian and his staff treat my problem. I stay mostly pain free. Over the years I have called Dr. Brian’s clinic needing to come in and they have always made time for me. It is very important when you are in pain to be able to count on your Chiropractor to see you asap. I have lower back pain and thanks to Dr. Brian I am able to walk and do other things with less and mostly without pain. Thank you Dr. Brian and your staff for making my golden years mostly pain free. Love you guys!"

- Judy Buford

"Dr. Brian and his staff are excellent. I’ve been going to see this office for 4 years and would highly recommend Dr. Brian. He listens to your issues and works with you to get your back or neck fixed so you have no more pain. I go every other week for maintenance now. Thanks to the whole crew you all are wonderful and super friendly!"

- Jamie Word

"I have been going to Wilson County Chiropractic for several months and I must say I enjoy every visit. The staff is very courteous and treat me like a friend not a patient. Dr. Brian is very professional and is quick with his exam. He will answer all of your questions and take the time to help you understand your condition."

- Cainan Myracle

"Dr. Brian Wiersma DC is the best. I had some much pain in my lower back that came on quickly…I could hardly move…he fixed my back within 2 weeks. I have been pain free since last Dec. and doing all the athletic activites that I am use too, and I go for maintainence every other week."

- Shelly Coffey

"Dr. Brian is a very knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor with a warm, friendly approach and a great sense of humor. His chiropractic care is the highest quality of any I have experienced and I recommend him without reservation."

- Beverlee Ludema


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